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Top Tips For Effective Sunset Photography


If you’re a budding photographer, you’re more than likely aware that dusk provides a wealth of opportunity to explore new tricks and really nail down your craft. When the sun meets the horizon and the rays begin to stretch overhead, you have the chance to capture some really beautiful landscape shots, full of deep oranges, light blues and gorgeous shadows. 

That is until you actually go out and give it a go. Often, sunsets can look a lot better to the naked eye than they do in print. Replicating the experience of actually looking at one is not as simple as snapping a picture and hoping for the best. In fact, if you want genuinely good sunset pictures, you need to know what you are doing and be prepared. To help you out, here are a few top tips to capture your own perfect sunset.

What’s Your Subject?

Whether you’re simply snapping photographs to elevate your Facebook portfolio or looking to create your very own Facebook photo book, every image you take should have some kind of subject to ground the frame and capture the attention of the viewer. This is no different when it comes to sunset photography. When you go out to snap your sunset, ensure that you have something in the foreground that will be emphasised by it. This can be an object, a person, or even a blade of grass. Anything to create intrigue and lead the viewer's eye over toward the star of the show: the sunset itself.

Shadows, Silhouettes, Secrets

One of the best things about sunsets is the way they can distort our world. The shadows at dusk can tell a story you would be unable to capture at any other time in the day. Use those shadows to elevate the mystery of your photograph, or create a silhouette effect with your subject that hints at another, secret level to your picture. 

It’s All About Location

This may seem like an obvious point, but before you even set out of the house, you need to know exactly where the sun is going to set. Obviously, it will go down in the west – but do you know the best spot in your area to get an unimpeded view of the west (or, for that matter, which way west really is)?

Try out different spots and ensure to get as high up as you can. Also, make sure you get to the location as early as possible. A sunset looks its best for only a few minutes, so it’s vital that you don’t miss your moment.

Weather Isn’t Everything

But what if it’s cloudy? Well, contrary to popular belief, a cloudy evening is likely to give you a better sunset photo than you would get if it was clear skies. That’s because the clouds can do a job to reflect the deep orange glow of the sunset and create those magical colours in the sky that make sunset photos so good. Without any clouds, you don’t get that reflection and the sunset can look a little drab as a result. Taking photographs in the rain, on the other hand, is going to be a little more difficult. Although there’s no harm in trying! As we said before, this is all about practice.

Filters Are Your Friend

Although some photographers might scoff at this last tip, it is never a good idea to simply cast away the idea of filters. If used properly – with the right apps and techniques – a filter can help to elevate your photograph and make it pop. This isn’t about manipulating the scenery or warping the colours of the sky. Instead, it’s about recognising what you have and giving it that extra 10% or 15% to make it as good as it can be. Filters also add more variety if you are compiling your pictures together in our photo book maker, as they ensure that each photograph looks unique and beautiful in its own way. Feel free to try out some apps and see what’s out there. They might just make your good sunset photograph your masterpiece.

The Sunset Is Yours

Now you have a few top tips, you’re ready to get out there and capture the sunset in your own way. Just remember, don’t ever feel daunted about taking that perfect picture. Often, you as a photographer are left with a blank canvas that you have to fill in, but, with a sunset, that canvas is filled in for you. 

There is an entire masterpiece of colour engulfing the sky for a solid few minutes. Your job is to get your phone ready and snap it while you can. Hopefully these tips will ensure that you capture your next sunset in all its glorious detail.


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